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DIY Cat scratcher with old t shirt designs

If you have a cat, you know they LOVE to scratch on things. Sometimes it’s even a reason people don’t get a cat. But this issue can be alleviated with a scratch pad, or multiple scratch pads. Buying them can get expensive, but this DIY tutorial for a latch hook rug using old custom t shirts would be an excellent scratch rug for your adorable kitty.

Spread the Love Custom T-shirt

Happy Monday everybody! We’re glad to be back from the weekend to our daily grind, bringing you all the best custom t shirts money can buy, and we truly believe that. In addition to the best product possible, designed on materials that are both sturdy and soft all at the same time, at WhoopTee we’re all about sharing the love, and using custom t-shirts to connect with friends and family. 

T shirt Designs For Family Reunions

Labor Day weekend is coming up and many families like to take the opportunity to have a family reunion! C’mon, you know you love going to a good family reunion. And if you’re dreading it already, take the initiative to plan the menu so that at least there will be good food! Or make a creative custom t shirt 

Senior Class T Shirt Design

Going back for your senior year of high school? Can’t wait for the best year of high school to start? Why not celebrate your last year together with a custom t shirt from whooptee? With various t shirt cuts and colors, making a t shirt design is easy.


DIY Friendship Bracelets with Old Custom T Shirts

A new school year can mean new friends for some kids. And if this generation is anything like mine, it would exchange friendship bracelets! Yup, you heard me right. But  forget about buying all the ribbon yarn in various colors. I found this great DIY bracelet tutorial using old custom t shirts.

Where'd You Get that Awesome Custom T-shirt?

If you’ve just ordered a WhoopTee, fresh off the press, this is a phrase you’d better get used to hearing. At WhoopTee, we don’t mess around when it comes to creating the finest custom t shirts money can buy, using the finest materials, machinery, and team possible.

Band Custom T shirt

Music lovers, unite! Are you a music lover? Of course you are. Nobody straight DOESNT like music. That’s like not liking pizza, or soup, some other ridiculously delicious, meticulously crafted delicacy, like nerds, or Sour Patch Kids, or I don’t know...anything worth liking. C’mon, get it together friends.

DIY Crafts with Custom T Shirts

I found this cool DIY craft of making decorative bowls from old custom t shirts. Bowls? You may ask. You know, just cute craft bowls to put extra change in, or your keys.  If you wear a lot of accessories, they’d be a great storage tool for all of those bracelets and rings that are so small. Or the bowls would be great for storing office supplies: paperclips, binder clips, etc.

Riding with Group T Shirt Designs

So I may not be the ultimate expert in this topic, but motorcycles are a pretty common thing in the Midwest. This is just a mere observation, but men and women who love their motorcycles love to ride in groups. I was driving the other day and thought “How cool would it look if they were all wearing the same t shirt design!”