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Sports T Shirt Design

Have you every twisted and ankle or broken a bone, and were stuck wearing a cast for weeks? If you have, then you can relate to the annoying influx of questions that arise. I recently got a stress fracture and had to wear a special shoe. I kinda wanted to just have a stamp on my forehead that read “Foot has a stress fracture!” Just so people would stop asking.

Custom T shirt Style: Sharon Osbourne Disses Kanye West

Once upon a time, on a planet far, far away, there was a land of plenty, and by plenty I mean paved with sensationalized ridiculousness and cultural absurdity well beyond the comprehension of any one poor, fragile human psyche ...

Triathlete T-Shirt Design!

One of the best parts about being a triathlete is training in three different areas that all compliment each other. But doing it alone can be boring, so joining a team is the best way to go! Design bright colored custom t-shirts that you can wear over your jersey, and easily find your teammates during or after the race. Or better yet, design separate t-shirts, one for each event.

Mizzou 2012

As the originator of the “Homecoming” tradition in 1911 and a host of successful Division 1 teams, Mizzou has a lot to be proud of. Pretty cool, eh? Almost as cool as the fact that Brad Pitt is an alum. Can you imagine going to the same university as Brad Pitt? 

The Fete at the Fort Beerfest in Illinois


Can't Stop T-Shirt Pinteresting...It's As Bad As It Sounds

Now that fall is in full swing and I have purchased clothes sufficient to withstand the extra butt cheek I plan to grow by way of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice lattes, apple pie/strudel, and other varieties of warm buttery deliciousness, it’s time to nurse away some post-summer depression with a spectacular new addiction we’ve got ourselves hooked on: custom t-shirt Pinteresting.

Ugh. It's terrible. As the title of this post alludes, it is every bit as bad as it sounds…but so good! There’s something for everyone in the Pinterest world of t-shirts.

Something for the nerds...

St. Louis Area Hotspot: Pappy's BBQ Custom-Designed T-Shirt

Omg. If you haven’t been to Pappy’s you must go…like, right now. Seriously. Grab your keys and run out the door like a raging banshee to get to this gem of a barbecue hotspot in St. Louis. I’m kicking myself, I can’t believe I didn’t think to come up with a custom-designed t-shirt for Pappy’s sooner! If your life doesn’t change, I’ll saddle up on a hobbit and move to Middle Earth with you (actually, that could be really cool…maybe it’s best to hope your life doesn’t change upon nomming some pulled pork).