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Oakville High School

While it might be a pinch inappropriate (slash awkward) to custom-design a shirt with Timothy Benoist’s face on it (currently on American Idol? Oakville High School alum? Ring a bell?), it’s a fun reminder of the awesome things graduates go onwards to accomplish (however, in the interest of keeping it classy, we'll make your custom-designed shirt text-based). Some go on to be lawyers, doctors, scholars, stay-at-home moms and dads, and some take a less traditional route to pursue, art, music, dance, theater, and so much more.

For The Athletically Inclined Amongst You...The Glow Run 5K

What’s going on in St. Louis this fall? Besides the obvious bi-polar weather patterns, you could do something totally awesome like The Glow Run 5K, coming up on October 6th. The race starts at 7pm in Soulard and will wind its way around the city as night settles over the Lou as thousands of runners (and walkers) keep the party going all night! It will be a heck of a lot of fun, and you could put together some cool team shirts like the ones pictured below to boot. Any opportunity to put together some sweet custom t-shirts, we’re all in!

YOLO: St. Louis Custom T-Shirt-Style

You’ve probably heard it way too many times, but as an STL t-shirt screen-printing shop that spends a lot of time poring over cultural slogans to print up, we had to throw in our two cents. “You only live once,” coined by rap artist Drake in the song “The Motto,” (hmm, could make for a cool Drake-inspired custom tee?) the slogan has exploded into the cultural stratosphere in one of those kind of awkwardly unintentional ways–a similar kind of awkward to the surprsingly large number of fart jokes that made it into Shakespeare’s body of work.