WhoopTee Roundup: Clash, Thursday Thoughts, Throwback

Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we scour Twitter and condense the zeitgeist of the day down into a few hashtags for your consumption. Why did for a bunch of Halloween sized Twix when you can just eat  king size? Anyway, here’s what’s up in the US today with no politics and no negativity. 

Fun and Fashionable? Custom Tank Tops are all Business

Ohm . . . Ohm . . . you’re meditating. Ohm . . . Ohm . . . inhale . . . exhale.  Ohm . . .Ohm . . . you’re in downward dog, eyes closed, focused on the next big thing in your life.  Balance is key.  You picture yourself with a store. Make it an online legging store specifically for women.  These leggings are comfortable, functional, but most importantly fun.

Tanks For The Memories

Soccer has cleats: tough and functional. Baseball has the jersey: personal and classic. Golf has plaid: timeless and bold. And summer has the tank top. Of course, tank tops aren’t always so easily defined; much like snowflakes or boyfriends – no two are ever exactly alike.