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A Tribute to David Bowie, the King of the Rock Tee

Fans around the world are mourning the loss of iconic glam rocker David Bowie, who died yesterday at age 69. Bowie was an influential and beloved musician with a varied career that spanned decades. Over those decades, Bowie was a symbol of trendiness who had a knack for reinventing himself, seemingly with the superpower to always be the coolest person in the room. 

A Beginners Guide to Designer Holidays

Moons, lollipops or ugly trucks? Take your pick because today, July 20th, 2015 is dedicated to their celebration. If you’re confused you should be. Is the idea that every day is special? Or is it that everything deserves recognition.  Let’s take inventory.


Adidas T's for Summer Soccer

Adidas invented soccer.  It’s true the sun god based of the Mayan Indians in Peru was named Adidas.  To commemorate a cool, sunny day, seen as a gift from Adidas, the Mayans would kick around a ball made of mud and leaves as they ran along the hillside.

When Do You Pin? Add Whooptee to your Board on Pinterest.

So when do you Pin? Are you the type that gets up first thing in the morning and jumps on your tablet? Do you inconspicuously try to browse on your phone while sitting at your cubicle?  Or do you snuggle into bed at the end of the day, break out the laptop and go to town?

Custom T-Shirts For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is approaching and if you haven't decided what to get your mom, we have  some fresh ideas for you!  check out all of our custom t shirt options for women here.  We have a style for all mom's out there and everyone knows that personalized gifts are the best.  Melt your mom's heart with a message that really hits home.

Custom T-Shirts for TV audiences

“Everyone should wear their twitter hashtags on a t-shirt” said a tv host one day. What a great idea! Are you starting a new business, new blog, or a new website? What greater idea than to put it on custom t-shirts? We’ve reached the point where people really pay attention to what you wear. Something funny? Something thought provoking? Design your own custom t-shirts and get the word out there.

Awesome Custom T-shirt Design Idea

So, you’re with your family, hanging out at the park or the beach, and your kid is totally bored out of her mind. What can you do? Design a custom t-shirt with a play mat on the back. Duh. Check it out:


DIY Fashionable Ideas with Custom T-Shirts

In keeping up with my theme of things to do with old custom t-shirts, I came across this site that gave 30 AMAZING make-shift ideas for t-shirts. As a runner, I can definitely tell you that I have a drawer full of t-shirts from races. I’ll try some of these ideas out and keep you posted!


Basically an Awesome Custom T-Shirt Slogan Generator...

Well hey there. Happy Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…whatever day it is today to you. I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me, for whatever reason, the weather is intrinsically connected to my mood- if it’s pretty outside, I feel happy.

Spring into Spring with a Custom T-shirt!

Try to excuse the cheesy tag line...sorry...but, it’s that time of year again! Kind of. I’m still wearing a jacket, which, to me means it’s still cold and obnoxious outside. But yummy spring weather is on the way! I can feel it in my bones, and my bones have like, ESPN or something.