Design your own t shirts that say something about your personality. Since you are the designer you set the tone for your t shirt design. Have fun with it.

Planning For St. Pat's? Design your Group Shirts with Us!

"Well, then. Now. I'll begin at the beginning. A fine soft day in the spring, it was, when the train pulled into Castletown, three hours late as usual, and Himself got off. He didn't have the look of an American tourist at all about him. Not a camera on him; what was worse, not even a fishing' rod!"

Lady Gaga, 2:55 PM and T shirt Designs!

“A lot of people don't know this, but for every 30 minutes of legitimate work, all employees must be allowed one full hour of Internet cat videos. That's the law,” says Jarrett Bellini of CNN. We fully agree, Jarrett. Aside from cat videos, there are a variety of other factors during the workday with the capability to derail your productivity. The most cunning of all? 2:55 pm during the workday, as exemplified by the custom t shirt below.  

Custom T-Shirts For Your Sanity

We all know how shopping for the perfect t-shirt design goes.  You can never find the right one at the 11th hour.  But if you are just browsing and don’t have any time constraints then you hit the jackpot with a plethora of good stuff!  With WhoopTee, you have a huge selection of blank canvases to create the best custom t-shirts ever.  No more frantic searching for the perfect shirt while having to listen to the screeching sound of metal hangers sliding from side to side.

Custom T-Shirts For Christmas

Avoid handing out fruit cakes for Christmas, NOBODY likes them, at all.  Some say it’s a tradition but it just doesn’t matter anymore.  Do not make the mistake of giving them out, you’d be better off telling people you forgot their gift at home.  Give the gift that keeps on giving….custom t-shirts!!  

Custom T Shirts: The Secret to Making Everyone Happy

My custom t shirt friends, we all know the moment of crisis. You are enjoying your last few blissful moments of vacation stupor …

… floating along without a care in the world, when suddenly your brain, which was so happy to just sit in your skull like an overly relaxed hedgehog, startles itself with a realization…

Organize Your Custom T Shirts

How many of you have like, a million custom t shirts that have accumulated in your t shirt drawer? Yeah, me too. Surprise. I’ve already posted about one badass folding trick, but I must apologize dear t shirt lovers, for I left you hanging. Once folded immaculately, certainly the question is what do you DO with all of those perfectly pinched and precisely crisped custom t shirts? Excellent questions. 

How to Upload Literally ANY Image Onto a Custom T shirt

Hello there WhoopTee friends! Here’s a quick how-to post for those of you who might be struggling with how to upload your images into the designer tool. That’s one of the coolest parts about it. If you can’t find something within the giant trove of fonts, colors, clipart, and images available for you to use in the process of creating a t shirt design, you can always upload your own image or logo. It’s easy! Here’s how:

Finding the Perfect Custom T Shirt

Hello there dear WhoopTee friends...I feel like we’re all friends now because of all the strange things I’ve posted. If you poke back through the archives, you could learn an awful lot about me, things you probably don’t want to know, from my custom t shirts obsession to what my room looks like when I just don’t feel like cleaning it. And then, something kind of like this happens…

Fold Your Custom T-shirts Like a BADASS

Ok...please tell me I'm not the only one in the world whose room often looks like this:

I know what you're thinking. Who the crap sequesters Winnie the Pooh to a mere 6-inch space BEHIND the headboard of their bed? Some people...the nerve.