Take your old custom t shirts and create something amazing. Check the internet and our blog for DIY ideas with custom t shirts.

Turn Your Old T Shirts Into a Quilt!

We've posted some easy DIY's for when you need help re-imagining an old custom t shirt or two-- when a seam rips, or a stain just won't come out, or you're bored with an old standby. But what to do when you're doing spring cleaning and are confronted with a whole pile of t shirts just begging for a second chance? Well, we've got you covered! The internet is full of different tutorials on how to turn a bunch of t shirts into a quilt, which is super neat. I've actually seen one in person, and I can assure you it is the bomb dot com.

Another Awesome DIY for Custom T Shirts

So I've been looking around for some cool custom t shirt DIY projects to share with you guys, and I have some bad news ... a lot of them contain sewing. Why is that bad news, you ask? Isn't everyone a sewing genius like me? Well, then this is not bad news for you, and you can skip ahead. For everyone else that's like me-- sewing just never turns out to be as easy as it looks on Pinterest, does it? It usually turns into the craft equivalent of this awesome submission to Pinterest Fail ...

Craft goal:

Designer Shirt DIY

Designer shirts are in this season, and one of the best examples is the Converse Black Canvas collection.  One of my favorites is the Pirate Satellite Graphic V-Neck T-shirt.  I recently wrote about Gunther's 23 year long road trip, and wanted to take the Pirate Satellite shirt as inspiration for an homage to Gunther.

Custom Tip

A good amount of our custom tshirt work consists of printing a photograph on a tee shirt.  Done well, it looks great.  Done poorly, it’s sort of insulting to whomever is in that photo.