Group t shirts have a special place in our hearts at WhoopTee. After all, there are only so many groups you can be in at one given time. Embrace your group with a custom t shirt that will be a hit.

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When you’re in high school, you can’t wait to go to college.  When you’re in college, you can’t wait to get a “real job” that make “real money” so you never have to read one more textbook for the rest of your life!


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My favorite t-shirt is a simple, crewneck in gray.  I’ve had it for 14 years and originally bought it for my husband, but he never wore it, so I stole it back. It’s the most comfortable shirt I own and  I certainly don’t wear it for it’s looks.

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Is today Best Friends Day?  Is it National Hug-Your-Favorite-Cousin Day?  Is there a card for

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May 1st is reason to celebrate!

The Kentucky Derby takes place tomorrow in the Bluegrass state; place your bets, grab your prettiest hat and a mint julep.  After that, comes Cinco de Mayo, known for margaritas and sombreros! A theme is emerging . . . while I’m not suggesting another “hat-drink” themed event (unless it’s a baseball cap – beer party), I do think it’s time to check your social calendar.

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You can’t get something for nothing.  It’s true.  While we at Whooptee don’t nickel and dime you for every tiny detail, we do require one thing from you - your business. Like our motto states: you have designs, we have shirts.  Enough said.

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Custom Shirts Help Spread Awareness of Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s Disease, affects approximately 700,000 people a year; people like Lori Labree’s daughter.  Their family and friends decided to show their support by making custom shirts - with the help of  These black short-sleeved shirts feature a personal message: I wear purple for someone who means the world to me!


Design Group Shirts to Stand Out in Tough Crowds

MIra Mesa, located in San Diego, was developed around the time of