Stand up and represent your high school clubs. Students should be proud to display custom t shirts honoring their favorite past times.

Schools: Hold a Student Film Festival

So, you want to raise some money for your school while educating and inspiring along the way. Sorry, it’s impossible. It simply can’t be done. There is no conceivable way on this pitiful terrestrial plane to challenge students creatively while rolling some coin into the treasury. 

Villa Duchesne: The Maroon and White!

Looking for an edge to put you one step ahead in those all-girls school rivalries? Drumming up some contagious school spirit with some awesome custom t-shirt swag is always a great place to start. You can cheer on your group of girlfriends whether they’re on the field, in the classroom, on the debate team, or partaking in any of the other gazillion extracurricular opportunities available for Villa students.

Top Five St. Louis T-Shirt Slogans

1) “From The Lou and I’m PROUD”

Yes this is obvious, but anything St. Louis and t-shirt related must come with some Nelly. Besides, we need some good St. Louis patriotism to counter the inevitable “WARSH-ington, MO” or “Highway FAR-ty FAR." Ugh. Be prepared with a well-practiced scowl in case you hear one or both of the preceding.

2) “So, where did YOU go to High School?”

Parkway South Varsity Poms

As a totally uncoordinated wreck when it comes to dancing, my hat is off to you, high school poms squads. I admire the nimble, quick capability you all have to perform high-energy routines while pumping up the crowd for sports, pep rallies, games, and more. Looks like it definitely requires a heck of a lot of muscle coordination, practice, patience, and hard work! To reward yourselves for all that hard work you put in during practices and games, it’s a great idea to bond your squad with custom-designed apparel.

Gateway STEM

Nope, it’s not the stalk of the Arch.  It’s an amazing St. Louis High School focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

DeSmet Spartans

So if we’re going to harp on the lovely ladies of Nerinx, it’s high time we discuss the other side of the coin and point to the fine fellows of a select men’s high school…right? Who better for the job than the gentlemen of DeSmet Jesuit High School, an academy of academic excellence cranking out alumnae who go on to become high-powered businessmen, state senators, professional athletes, caring family-oriented men, and more. With an alumnae track record like that, how could we not feature some custom-designed DeSmet swag on our blog?

To The Ladies of Nerinx Hall

So I’m sure you’re getting sick of the fact that I keep mentioning successful alumnae of local St. Louis high schools, but you Nerinx ladies know how proud you are of your very own Jenna Fischer (aka, PAM FROM THE OFFICE!). That is the claim-iest of claims to fame, right there. On top of that, Nerinx rightfully prides itself on the development of empowered, kind, intelligent, caring women who take risks, and subsequently have real opportunities to know themselves, their passions, priorities, and values. Hmm…sounds like we could use a few more of those in the world!

McCluer North Stars

Hey McCluer North Stars! We’ve got an idea for you- show your pride for the blue and white with some school spirited custom-designed fan shirts for you and all of your friends. As we all know, high school is way more than just academics, classes, sports, etc. It’s about making friends, having fun, learning how to relate to others, and learning lessons you’ll take with you for the rest of your life (as hokey and Mother Goose-y as it sounds).

Bishop DuBourg High School

Having produced entrepreneurial mastermind Jack Dorsey, it’s no surprise that Bishop DuBourg High School has quite a Twitter presence- even the admissions office has its own Twitter username (@DBadmissions). With a social media-savvy haven like that, its no surprise the athletics, extra curricular activities, and academics at DuBourg take center stage, and many with a distinct online presence all their own. This makes personalizing a shirt simple, easy, and effective- head over to the WhoopTee designer tool to customize a shirt for your own high school club or activity.