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Custom T Shirts for a Miley Debate

Friends-- probably possessed by the creative spirit of t shirt design, Miley Cyrus has gone on many hair adventures over the years. Girl knows how to work it. After all, change is good, right? (Sometimes. I dyed my hair once, and then I tried to undye it, and that doesn’t work. So there was a good month where I had orange hair.) Fortunately, Miley has some top-notch hair people milling about, and it always seems to go pretty well for her!

Custom T shirt DIY with Bleach ... what ...

Omg- friends! Check it out.  I’m so excited I just found this: 

Organize Your Custom T Shirts

How many of you have like, a million custom t shirts that have accumulated in your t shirt drawer? Yeah, me too. Surprise. I’ve already posted about one badass folding trick, but I must apologize dear t shirt lovers, for I left you hanging. Once folded immaculately, certainly the question is what do you DO with all of those perfectly pinched and precisely crisped custom t shirts? Excellent questions. 

Make Your Custom T-shirt Last!

Have you ever wanted to be a custom t shirt designing bad ass? Welp, today’s your lucky day. Hooray for today’s t-shirt tip of the day: how to make the most out of your amazing t shirt design creations. Thankfully over the years, we’ve come across a few foolproof tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your apparel and help prolong their fragile lives! So, without further adieu, here they are:

Spread the Love Custom T-shirt

Happy Monday everybody! We’re glad to be back from the weekend to our daily grind, bringing you all the best custom t shirts money can buy, and we truly believe that. In addition to the best product possible, designed on materials that are both sturdy and soft all at the same time, at WhoopTee we’re all about sharing the love, and using custom t-shirts to connect with friends and family.