We heard that Kanye West is selling plain white tees for $125.00. Seems like a rip off to me. Design your own t shirt with WhoopTee starting at $23.23.

Avid readers unite

Several of my friends love to read as much as I love to read. We are constantly getting together and talking about books that we have recently read. We share books through social media groups for readers, but we always want more in-person time to discuss the books. This year, I may make a t-shirt with my favorite reads of 2012. This way, when my reader friends and I get together, I will not be caught off guard with questions about my favorite books. Plus, I will always have my 2012 literature list readily available.

Fashion on a budget

T-shirts are always in fashion and may be worn with shorts, jeans and even skirts. T-shirts may be bought in just about any department store, but a customized shirt will make you stand out. Customized shirts are typically less expensive than designer t-shirts.