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“Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows down upon him I realized there must be a better way!”
-Frank Costanza (Seinfeld, The Strike, 1997)

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Holiday Custom Sweatshirts

Boy, it sure has been blustery this week. The winds are blowing, snow and sleet are falling, and the trappings of cool weather are rearing up to strike. Definitely one of those days that makes you want to snuggle up under the comforter and tell the sun to come back another day, right? How about snuggling up with a deliciously warm custom tshirt or sweatshirt designed entirely by YOU?

Give the Gift of Awesome: Custom Tshirts

Instead of scavenging through the malls, waiting aimlessly in lines as crazy people on either side of you scour piles of clothes, toys, books, CD’s (do those even exist anymore?) or whatever, you could design your friends, family, and loved ones a custom t-shirt from the comfort of your own home. Exciting stuff, eh? You do not have to be surrounded by crazy mallrats in order to get something special and memorable for your friends and family that they will love and cherish.


I will truly never forget the glory. The acrid smell of my rug-burned fingertips from the number of times I gathered up my newly won pogs, tiny bits of cardboard imbued with photos that I absolutely HAD to have...for some reason. How did Pogs do that to us?

Saint Louis University Custom T-Shirts: Billiken Basketball

According to a very thrilled homepage, Billiken Basketball is back and better than ever, with an enthralled campus of supportive Billiken fans who would just LOVE to…can you guess? Order some custom apparel, you said? Correct! You smart cookie, you. With gorgeously contrasting colors like white and royal, you’re already on your way to designing the best in custom apparel around. Sidenote: Have you ever thought to yourself, what the heck is a Billiken? Get ready for a knowledge bomb to drop.

Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO

“Go, Lindenwood Lions!” Truly rolls off the tongue, eh? You know what’s even cooler than school/mascot alliteration? (Not much, in my nerdy English major opinion). Designing some custom t-shirts to match! Not far from St. Louis, Lindenwood holds down the secondary education fort in St. Charles, a charming, quaint town about thirty-forty five minutes from downtown St. Louis (depending on whether or not you run into an onslaught of traffic. Nothing on LA, but we can still complain if we want to).

DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana

Located amidst a small town and rolling fields of corn, DePauw University brings light, life, and sparkle to the town of Greencastle, Indiana that might otherwise fall off the map. Home to a beautiful nature park, a town full of quaint amenities, rich history, and the first modern-day sorority, DePauw boasts a thriving Greek life community, rigorous academic programs, and a top-notch campus ranked in the top tier of national liberal arts colleges by the U.S. News and World Report.

Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois

Contrary to popular belief, there is exciting activity populating the small Midwestern town of Bloomington, Illinois, due to Illinois Wesleyan University and the excitement of the fresh, young crop of naiveté populating its campus. Most recently, the Illinois Wesleyan Men’s soccer team has earned a spot in the national rankings, “posted at No. 23 in the Division III poll sponsored by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and Continental Tire,” according to the Illinois Wesleyan University homepage.