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Race to Revenge: A story of fitness, fate and t-shirts

Are you a weekend warrior? Never met a 5k you didn't like? You rise early, around 6:00a.m., on a Saturday for a 30 mile bike ride. After that, a quick shot of raw egg and wheat germ and off to hike the unbeaten path- away from all the wanna-be's. 
There you are, just hitting your stride with your black Labrador (affectionately named Beast) by your side. Then all of a sudden you hear something. Up ahead on the ridge is a fellow hiker. You've encountered others before, I mean it's not like you're a hermit. But this time is different. 

Marathon Relays with Custom T-shirts

The tough thing about relay races is the point where runners on your team change legs. The race is crowded enough, but what better way to spot your team members than wearing a custom t-shirt design? Heck, make it a highlighter yellow custom t-shirt! And you can actually do that too! WhoopTee offers you the opportunity to choose a t-shirt in any color available. Ordering more custom t-shirts also makes it more affordable.