Running Shirts: From Baby Steps to Marathons

February is National Heart Month. Why is it only one month of the year we dedicate to heart month? Is it not the most vital organ in our bodies? Well we can change that. We can choose today to get into shape and live a longer and healthier life. We can join the gym, look for group workout classes, and eat healthier, maybe by starting small.

Custom T-Shirts For Mud Runs

Ready, set....get down and dirty in your custom tshirt! Everywhere you look these days people are racing, getting dirty and loving it! Design your own tshirt for your next 5k, half marathan or mud run. Social media has been taken over by dirty, wild looking people with huge smiles on their faces. I get why they are smiling. The entire time growing up we are told not to play in the mud. Now that we are grown we are being encouraged to run in it, play in it and roll in it.  Running, endorphins, mud and a beer at the finish line. I mean, what is there not to love and where can I sign up?!?