St. Louis has many attractions. One of the most beautiful attractions is Forest Park. It is full of breathtaking scenery, bike paths, golf and gorgeous landscaping. Forest Park is perfect enough to be shown on a custom t shirt.

Aria's Outfits: Fashion of Pretty Little Liars

Did I miss the inexplicable crossover episode where Aria was there to help Jesse Pinkman get rid of that body in the bathtub back in Season 1 of Breaking Bad?

Student Group Custom T-Shirt Spotlight: A-Capella Groups

           Walking to class on a crisp fall morning during my freshman year of college, I remember being greeted by several groups of students singing a variety of pop music ballads, classic favorites, and audience-pleasing Broadway hits.  Man, if only I’d had a custom t-shirt like this one on my first day- I’d have fit right in. I knew it would be a dreamland of crazy, awesome, impassioned students, but I never fathomed there would be groups of students literally singing around the corner.

Saint Louis University Custom T-Shirts: Billiken Basketball

According to a very thrilled homepage, Billiken Basketball is back and better than ever, with an enthralled campus of supportive Billiken fans who would just LOVE to…can you guess? Order some custom apparel, you said? Correct! You smart cookie, you. With gorgeously contrasting colors like white and royal, you’re already on your way to designing the best in custom apparel around. Sidenote: Have you ever thought to yourself, what the heck is a Billiken? Get ready for a knowledge bomb to drop.

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois

The bustling urban setting of DePaul University is the perfect place for a recent high school grad to stretch out, take risks, and test her potential. With all that downtown Chicago has to offer, plus the cultural and educational rigor of a highly regarded university such as DePaul, the next chapter of your life could be waiting just around the corner in the Windy City. With over 275 graduate and undergraduate programs to take advantage of, there’s no question you’ll find your niche within all the new, exciting programs DePaul has to take advantage of; it’s simply a question of when.

DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana

Located amidst a small town and rolling fields of corn, DePauw University brings light, life, and sparkle to the town of Greencastle, Indiana that might otherwise fall off the map. Home to a beautiful nature park, a town full of quaint amenities, rich history, and the first modern-day sorority, DePauw boasts a thriving Greek life community, rigorous academic programs, and a top-notch campus ranked in the top tier of national liberal arts colleges by the U.S. News and World Report.

Mizzou 2012

As the originator of the “Homecoming” tradition in 1911 and a host of successful Division 1 teams, Mizzou has a lot to be proud of. Pretty cool, eh? Almost as cool as the fact that Brad Pitt is an alum. Can you imagine going to the same university as Brad Pitt? 

The Fete at the Fort Beerfest in Illinois