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Chess King

Attention Webster Groves High School Chess Club: looking for an awesome shirt to show off your chess prowess? Check out this custom-designed tee that shows off your powerful jedi-mind tricks of the trade that come in handy when you're showing off those mad chess skillz. 



Conserve water

Remind people to turn the faucet off when water is not needed.

Green shirts


It’s good to be king

Sometimes t-shirts are just silly. They are meant to have fun and put a play on words or pictures. This is one of those t-shirts: a king penguin wearing a kings crown, showing that it is good to be king. However, there are fun and silly designs that you can come up with for your own one-of-a-kind shirt.


King Penguin Shirt

Class of 2013 t-shirts

You are about to embark on your final year of high school. This will be your last year together as a class, but the memories of your time together will last a lifetime. With all of the emotions and decisions that go along with being a senior, help your class create the best class t-shirt ever.


Designs for all your family activities

This custom t-shirt celebrates the activities and accomplishments of a proud mom’s son and daughter. Looking at it, ballet and basketball require some similar movements.


The mom wearing this shirt is prepared to move from one activity to the next without having to change clothes or attend one child’s event wearing a shirt that supports the other child. Busy moms need custom t-shirts to keep up with the hectic schedules of their children.

Avid readers unite

Several of my friends love to read as much as I love to read. We are constantly getting together and talking about books that we have recently read. We share books through social media groups for readers, but we always want more in-person time to discuss the books. This year, I may make a t-shirt with my favorite reads of 2012. This way, when my reader friends and I get together, I will not be caught off guard with questions about my favorite books. Plus, I will always have my 2012 literature list readily available.

Open-source users

Open-source software is getting more attention these days as even the long-time brands have begun to embrace the technology. In spite of this, open-source users are still in the minority user group. If you or someone you know thinks that it is the best choice, create a custom t-shirt that only other users will understand.

Penguin rules t-shirt

Quick test: Do you understand this shirt?