Sometimes we need help igniting expressive thoughts. We understand that at WhoopTee. That is why we feature custom t shirt design ideas on our website. We want to help trigger your creative thought process.

DIY Fashionable Ideas with Custom T-Shirts

In keeping up with my theme of things to do with old custom t-shirts, I came across this site that gave 30 AMAZING make-shift ideas for t-shirts. As a runner, I can definitely tell you that I have a drawer full of t-shirts from races. I’ll try some of these ideas out and keep you posted!


Robot t-shirts

Robots are going to take over the world. At least, that has been the rumor for as long as I can remember. That day is not today that robots are running our households and corporations. When that day comes, help the robots in your life to be stylish. Show them the convenient features of to create custom t-shirts. While they will have the robotic features to accomplish many jobs, they likely won’t have the same keen eye on fashion that you do. Help a robot out with a t-shirt.

Travel advice from locals

Do you love to travel? Cut down on souvenir expenses by creating a t-shirt at WhoopTee to take with you on your travels. This shirt was created using the design features:

World Travel Shirt

Product: Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt (White)

National Ice Cream Day

Sunday, July 15, 2012 was National Ice Cream Day. What is the proper fashion to wear on this national holiday? A t-shirt, of course, is the best choice for a top. If you missed this year’s event, start preparing for next year. At WhoopTee, we have the t-shirt color that you need to get started. Then, add your favorite toppings design. Next July 15, pull out your special Ice Cream Day shirt and head to your favorite ice cream shop.