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Pro wrestling is many things: an athletic display, entertainment, spectacle, theater…but more than anything, it’s a business.

Parkway South High School

You can always count on the Parkway South Patriots football team to bring wins and school spirit, and it’s no different this year. Show your school pride and spirit with some awesomely spirited Parkway South swag, and make your teammates, fellow peers, and students feel like you’re all a part of a team that extends beyond the bleachers and football equipment. You all share the same hallways, the same classrooms, the same lunchroom, and the same high school graduation date with your classmates. So, don’t you owe it to each other to show up and support your friends?

St. Louis Suburb Spotlight: Webster Groves

A treasure trove of rich St. Louis culture and community, Webster Groves is well-populated by a mix of young married couples, established families, nationally-ranked educational institutions, and St. Louis city landmarks. Top all that off with a variety of cozy eateries, coffee shops, and boutique-style stores, and Webster Groves is an ideal spot to visit, walk around, and have a uniquely quaint experience with St. Louis suburban culture.

People were Made for T-shirts

I’m pretty weird, and so you’ll have to forgive me, but I observe some really strange things every now and then.  For instance, have you ever noticed that every single person who buys a coffin dies?  That’s fishy.

Screen-Printing Tees in St Louis

The seasons are a-changing, it’s getting darker out earlier, the colors of the leaves are beginning to change, and the new school year is well under way. You know what this means: fall is upon us, and the hot, humid city-scape of St. Louis is beginning to shift. Maybe I’m totally getting ahead of myself, per usual, but I’m so pumped for snow! Ps, a good chunk of the US is not aware of how super freezing cold it gets in The Lou during the Winter months. Boo- I’ll show them with the giant snowman I’m going to make this summer.

Parkway Central Thespian Troupe

High school can be a daunting, unforgiving place at times–which is why it’s important to stick with friends as awesome as you, and who share similar interests. There’s so much to do, and so many places to channel your energy- and now is the time to experiment and test out what those interests are, like our friends in the International Thespian Society. Theater and arts programs are a cornerstone of high school extracurricular communities, and provide students with important developmental skills necessary for growth and self-esteem building.

New Year, New You

A brand new school year is coming up, and you know what that means: new clothes, new text books, new friends, and a fresh new crop of teachers to torment. But it also means you hit the restart button and get a fresh, brand-new slate. So, what kind of club, activity, sport, or organization are you going to try this year? Maybe Yearbook, Photography Club, Social Justice or the Tennis team? Be the first of your friends to head over to WhoopTee, and you’ll be the group favorite in no time with the awesome discounts and designs you’re able to show them.

Have a good time today

It is summer. Today is the day to throw on a comfortable t-shirt and go out and enjoy the sunny day. Whatever it is that you like to do, make today the day that you do that. At WhoopTee, we understand the hectic schedules that have taken over our lives. So on this summer day, we give you permission to take a break and enjoy life.

You Go, Glen Coco

A Dazzling Concept