Every team has a story. Every team should tell a part of their story by designing their own custom t shirts. Design says a lot about a team. Communicate what your team is all about to your audience and create a custom t shirt design.

Flip the Cup with a Whooptee Custom Shirt!

The sun is going down, guests gather lawn chairs and say goodbye.  Now what?  Wait, there’s still a decent amount of people milling around the buffet in the kitchen.  Time to break out the “good stuff” and discuss politics? No.  Show baby pictures? No.

Custom T-shirt How-To's: Adding Numbers to the Back

Well HEY there WhoopTee fans. Here’s another t-shirt/designer tool DIY post just for you! Want to learn how to deck out your team’s custom merchandise with really awesome names and team numbers on the back? With the WhoopTee designer tool, it’s super easy to design your own custom t-shirts for the whole family! Keep reading for specific instructions about how to make your merch pop. 

So to get started, have a look at the navigation in the designer tool. Should look like this:

Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer League with Custom T-Shirts

Summer soccer leagues and be both a blessing and curse for parents. On one hand, parents can get kids active and out of the house. On the other hand, the soccer related laundry piles up! So why stress yourself and other parents out? Just order more soccer custom t-shirts.

Youth Group Event with Custom T-Shirts

Summer is a fun time for Church’s across to country to gather their youth groups and go on a retreat. Being out of school is always fun for…well, anyone! What better way to bond with a youth group than to go on a fun hike for a weekend or camp by the lake? AND to make matters ever better, why not order custom t-shirts for everybody so the whole trip feels more personal and that much more fun!

High School Fundraiser wearing Custom T-Shirts!

Summer time means a lot of things for high schoolers. Sleeping in, lying by the pool, summer jobs, and raising money for that sports team or drama club. Whether it’s having a bake sale at the farmer’s market or having a car wash, a few bucks really helps those clubs. But what really helps to unify the school team/ club are custom t-shirts.

Group T-Shirts for Sports Teams

If your company is planning on a sports networking event, definitely stand out and create your own custom t-shirts. They are fast, affordable, and convenient! 

Team Custom T-Shirts

In high school I was the girl on the Math Team. Oh Shush! We were proud matheletes! We had a custom t-shirt design ready and thought it would be cool to put numbers on the back like athletes did.