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Illinois College Custom Tee

Besides being the second college founded in Illinois, y’all at Illinois College have been cranking out alumni like successful politicians Richard Yates, Ralph Tyler Smith, John Davis, and John Wesley Powell, whose job description reads (I kid you not): “explorer, scientist, politician, 2nd director of U.S. Geological Survey.” Explorer? Jeesh. Whoever puts that on their resume is a certified badass. Truth (according to Wikipedia).

Robot t-shirts

Robots are going to take over the world. At least, that has been the rumor for as long as I can remember. That day is not today that robots are running our households and corporations. When that day comes, help the robots in your life to be stylish. Show them the convenient features of whooptee.com to create custom t-shirts. While they will have the robotic features to accomplish many jobs, they likely won’t have the same keen eye on fashion that you do. Help a robot out with a whooptee.com t-shirt.