WhoopTee is special because we allow people to create custom t shirts. They can wear their own t shirt design. While we think we are pretty special, we think our customers are special too. That is why we will always go above and beyond for our customers.

New Hobby?

Whomever it was that invented bowling (perhaps the same dude who invented twist ties, or fortune cookies...they probably all get together and have intellectual salons about the next innovation of humanity...like bendy straws with built-in GPS...who knows) was pretty much a genius. Who could have guess it would be so much fun to knock over a bunch of wooden pins with a super heavy, densely packed plastic ball?

WhoopTee Designer Tool + Ryan Gosling = Amazingness

Happy Friday, friends! Like everyone, I get wary of the many marketing materials shoved down my throat on a regular basis, especially when the products and services promoted are totally sub-par.

Like a T-shirt Bakery

Our process starts when you design a shirt on WhoopTee.com.  We start with high quality ingredients: great shirts, great ink, great presses, great people.  We construct screens using a light sensitive emulsifier that then gets cooked on what is sort of a tanning bed on ‘roids.  We then build your design with layer upon layer of vibrant-colored ink perfectly placed to create your art.  Then we basically bake the shirt in an approximately 320 degree oven to dry the ink so your design is set for life. 

The Best T-shirt...in the World.

Great news everybody: we have the best shirt in the world!  We now have American Apparel’s Fine Jersey T-shirt.  Warn your other shirts, this one is going to replace them all. It's a 4.3 oz 100% ring spun combed cotton shirt that is gorgeously soft and a perfect  modern fit. It's my personal favorite, and it will be yours, too.

Technology in Fashion

The Next Web’s Insider recently featured an article

The Most Important Article of Clothing You Will Ever Buy

Elusive, difficult-to-grasp, impossible to find...Ladies, you know what I'm talking about: The perfect tank top. Or boyfriend. The latter is kind of whatever, but the former is a must-have.

Soft Threads

Looking for a shirt that feels like your favorite that you’ve been wearing for years?  That soft, broken in comfort makes for the perfect casual tshirt, especially in summer heat.  We carry a range of such tshirts that don’t take years to create.

The Promised Land of Soft, Non-Hideous Tees

So, I have a tirade I've been meaning to get around to. Bear with me, I'll attempt to keep it on the non-gratuitous side (no promises).

The WhoopTee Difference

A number of the tshirt shops around the internet are just that, shops on the internet, maybe run by one or two guys in their parents’ basement who are good at web design but don’t know tshirts.