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St. Louis Weekend Update: FORM Contemporary Design Show

At Whooptee, you can count on us to bring you a daily dose of awesome stuff going on in St. Louis. So, what do we have for you this weekend? A little something called FORM, an awesome design show held once a year by The Luminary Center for the Arts. If you don’t know, The Luminary is an organization that enriches the St. Louis community by way of local arts programming and cultural development. FORM this year includes a diverse array of exhibitors spanning a wide spectrum of media, materials, and hometowns, so you’re basically guaranteed to come across something you  like.

St. Louis' Most Wanted

So you’ve moved out of your parent’s basement, found yourself a decent job, tossed out your beloved windbreaker jumpsuit and Hanson CD’s from the nineties, and have yet to resort to a comb over…but you’re still missing that special someone. Not to worry! Check out ALIVE Magazine’s annual Most Wanted party coming up this November for your chance to mix and mingle with St. Louis’ highest-rated bachelors and bachelorettes. The big bash of singledom inspired us to throw together this awkwardly ambivalent, goofy custom-designed shirt, with some fabulously goo-tastic text.

Oakville High School

While it might be a pinch inappropriate (slash awkward) to custom-design a shirt with Timothy Benoist’s face on it (currently on American Idol? Oakville High School alum? Ring a bell?), it’s a fun reminder of the awesome things graduates go onwards to accomplish (however, in the interest of keeping it classy, we'll make your custom-designed shirt text-based). Some go on to be lawyers, doctors, scholars, stay-at-home moms and dads, and some take a less traditional route to pursue, art, music, dance, theater, and so much more.

A Green Fashion Show

Whoever said we aren’t progressive in St. Louis? Silly geese. Obviously they were not paying attention when The Fashion Lab announced its most recent brainchild, birthed in collaboration with Laumeier Sculpture Park, called Eco-Centric: A Green Fashion Show. The name pretty much sums it up, in all its awesomeness. As a custom-designing t-shirt company concerned with style as much as our green options for customers, we had to jump on the bandwagon and give a shout-out to our friends making great things happen in St. Louis.

Pro Tip For Tees: Be Judicious With Your Font Choices

As I’m sure you’ve been patiently awaiting the next installment of tips for tees, I thought I could no longer keep the following tip to myself. Tee wisdom needs to be shared with the universe! So without further adieu, here’s a tip for you tee-designing pros out there.

Be Judicious with your Font Choices

Summer Camp Custom T-Shirts

Hard to believe, but even though Fall is just beginning, summer camps are in the beginning stages of gearing up for next summer’s sessions. Getting the premises prepared for you includes...you guessed it, putting together some awesome t-shirts! From our friends at Camp Kanakuk in Lampe, MO to Camp Miniwanca in Shelby, Michigan, the Midwest has a vast array of choices for you to call your home for the summer.

St. Louis Suburb Spotlight: Webster Groves

A treasure trove of rich St. Louis culture and community, Webster Groves is well-populated by a mix of young married couples, established families, nationally-ranked educational institutions, and St. Louis city landmarks. Top all that off with a variety of cozy eateries, coffee shops, and boutique-style stores, and Webster Groves is an ideal spot to visit, walk around, and have a uniquely quaint experience with St. Louis suburban culture.

T Shirt Design For The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Guess what’s going on this weekend in St. Louis? (Awesome custom t-shirtery? Always!) What could it possibly be, you ask? A new iPhone 5-compatible app that allows users to brandish a lightsaber at the swipe of a screen? The go-ahead to implement of a real Harry Potter-style floo powder network? No friends, better! The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is this weekend! Come one, come all to see giant balloon-shaped insanity so large it can carry full-size human beings in a basket for miles! This is why we love St.

YOLO: St. Louis Custom T-Shirt-Style

You’ve probably heard it way too many times, but as an STL t-shirt screen-printing shop that spends a lot of time poring over cultural slogans to print up, we had to throw in our two cents. “You only live once,” coined by rap artist Drake in the song “The Motto,” (hmm, could make for a cool Drake-inspired custom tee?) the slogan has exploded into the cultural stratosphere in one of those kind of awkwardly unintentional ways–a similar kind of awkward to the surprsingly large number of fart jokes that made it into Shakespeare’s body of work.