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WhoopTee does everything in our power to make sure that each custom t shirt order meets our high standards of quality, competitive pricing, and quick delivery time, this is the WhoopTee Guarantee.

Top Five St. Louis T-Shirt Slogans

1) “From The Lou and I’m PROUD”

Yes this is obvious, but anything St. Louis and t-shirt related must come with some Nelly. Besides, we need some good St. Louis patriotism to counter the inevitable “WARSH-ington, MO” or “Highway FAR-ty FAR." Ugh. Be prepared with a well-practiced scowl in case you hear one or both of the preceding.

2) “So, where did YOU go to High School?”

A Tee Vision For You in the Lou

When hunting around for a place to print your custom shirts in St. Louis, we know it can be an overwhelming task. We know we are certainly not the only online screen-printing shop in St. Louis, but being the new kid on the block has its advantages! By learning from others who have tested out this business before us, we’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t, which ideas are fresh and which are dated, which technologies work most efficiently and which are best left in the development phase.

Product Page Rundown

Having trouble tracking down that perfect tee? Although it may seem like a daunting process, it’s not all that difficult to locate the style, size, and fit of a tee that works best for you, once you narrow down what you like and don’t like. We all have tee preferences in the same way you might have a predilection for sweet or savory, fruits or veggies, chocolate or vanilla. Anyone who has ever worn a t-shirt (ie, if you’re alive and reading this) has developed a t-shirt taste or two.

Tips For Tees

So you have the perfect concept, logo, and idea for your organization, activity, or event...but now what? Here are three tips to making the most out of your t-shirt, and fool-proof steps to creating a visually successful solution. Well, unless you're my dad...in which case, better stick to newspapers and stay away from anything with a keyboard. 

1) Complimentary Colors

Custom-Designed Tees

So, if you’ve listened to us prattle on for any length of time about much we love custom-designing t-shirts, you know we can be a little off on the crazy side of excited about them. It certainly does not help when y’all do super awesome things like “Like” the WhoopTee Facebook page, enter our contests, and buy shirts for yourself and your friends. So, if you have any possible interest in watching us spontaneously combust, keep doing those good things you do “Like” our page, follow us on Twitter, post photos of yourselves looking fly in your WhoopTee garb, and ordering shirts!

Design Your Own Band T-Shirt

St. Louis is home to a robust culture of musical growth and involvement, spanning a realm of genres from the classic, contemporary stylings of The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra to underground punk and garage bands. Particularly for the latter, learning how to design a t-shirt is a totally invaluable, easy skill to incorporate into your repertoire of tricks. As if your fans aren’t crazy enough about you anyway, designing a shirt is a great way to expand your fan base and let your friends, family members, and friends totally nerd out about how much they love you.

What's New at the St. Louis Science Center? Polar Bears!

As a main St. Louis attraction, the St. Louis Science Center is always coming up with new and interesting ways to make onlookers go, “Holy cow!” The latest attraction? An Omnimax film about…polar bears! (…leave it to us who sell and print t-shirts to alert you of all the important things happening at the Science Center. You’re welcome!) No joke, this looks like the greatest film ever to hit theaters. I mean, come on…they’re like big squishy teddy bears, right?

Marquette High School Mustangs

Marquette Mustangs, are you ready for a great fall football season? To show your school support, we put together an awesomely spirited, navy and green-themed tee for you and all of your friends to wear when supporting your favorite teams. Cool color scheme, guys! Whether you’re on the team, on the bench, or in the stands, you’ll feel great knowing you’re a part of something bigger, something that all of your teammates and friends are a part of as well. So, why not test out the designer tool for yourself today? Go Mustangs! WhoopTee is proud to serve St.

Archery in St. Louis

Looking to test out a new hobby, or embark on a new adventure with your friends, family, and loved ones? Archery is a very popular, yet highly underrated athletic experience that will test your hand-eye coordination, aim, and skill just as much as your appetite for fun and entertainment. Got kids? Our friends at Summit Archery have a number of youth programs that teach kids how to properly use a bow in pursuit of a target, how to care for the equipment, and a number of very important safety features. So get out there and try something new! Here’s a push from your friends at WhoopTee.  

What Do Mitt & Barack Have In Common? They Both Need Shirts

While the ugly terrain of the US political landscape may disillusion you during election season, at WhoopTee we know that expressing your views and opinions is an important, basic human right. Which means it has to wind up on a t-shirt, of course. So whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or an expatriate running for a position in the British Parliament, no one can deprive you of the right to wear a shirt with your beliefs.