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Who would have guessed that Indianapolis is actually quite the art metropolis these days? The burgeoning Midwestern city is home to the nationally-ranked Herron School of Art as well as a number of museums with prestigious collections, such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, the Indianapolis Art Center, and many more. Better yet, each are important enough to have their very own Wikipedia pages that appear to be composed of actual facts–wow!

Affton High School, Class of 2013

As if having George Clooney walk up and down the halls of Affton High to shoot scenes for the film Up in the Air isn’t cool enough (sorry, I had to fan girl out for a sec), you get to wear all kinds of gold and purple swag to show off your school spirit. As complementary colors, just about everything pops with gold and purple- there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong in the world of t-shirtery when you’re working with a winning color scheme. So, with a few clicks of a mouse and the WhoopTee designer tool, we put together some fresh new awesomeness for our friends at Affton High.

Bachelor Party Tee: Must Have

Although there are many stressful elements that go into pulling off a wedding, the groom can relax knowing that the bachelor party is just around the corner. Then it's time to kick back, relax, and have an evening out with friends. In order to memorialize that special evening out with the guys before the commitment to married life, try out a custom bachelor party t-shirt like the one we’ve put together here. When the screaming kids and college tuition bills come along, you’ll look back at the carefree time you spent with friends- and who knows?

T-Shirt Tips: Maryville University

So, you’ve envisioned your t-shirt, perfected your graphics, sketched out a bunch of difference options for design and text placement, and you’re totally ready to make your vision come to life on a shirt. You’re all about the designer tool, you’ve tested out how it works, played with the font, color, style, and clip art options…and, understandably so, you might have gotten carried away with using a zillion different colors, a bunch of images, clip art borders, names and numbers on the back…the list goes on.

Wydown Wildcats

Eighth graders who graduated last year missed out on the big changes happening at Wydown Middle School this year. After a summer of huge renovations, the brand-new school officially opened its doors to students on August 15th. Brand-new sixth graders were met with a stunning new building, new teachers, classes, friends, activities, sports, and more. That’s a heck of a lot of new! It couldn’t hurt to start of the week with some new Wydown Middle School shirts as well.

Back-to-School BBQ

Backyard barbecues are a great way to say a fond farewell to the summer. Although if you live in the Lou, chances are you’re welcoming the cooler temperatures and are glad to take in a breath of non-triple digit air. Putting together a custom shirt for your special family barbecue or back-to-school event is a great way to commemorate the fun times you enjoyed, whether you journeyed over to Fair St. Louis to watch some amazing performers (including St. Louis’ own born-and-bred Nelly and the St.

Lindbergh Lady Flyers

It’s back to school, fresh supplies, text books, sports teams, and clothes in tow. The Lindbergh High School Lady Flyers track and cross-country teams are coming back into the season with renewed vigor, still riding the wave of momentum from last season’s Missouri Class 3 First Place State Championship for the 4x800 meter relay. Congratulations, ladies! With some fresh new fashionable tees, this year’s 2012 season could be even better. Let’s see what you’ve got! WhoopTee is proud to serve St.

UMSL Tritons



Boy, it only took me about thirty tries to spell that one right…anyway, if any of you new Mizzou Students are looking to start off your semester right (and there are a TON of you this year), make some new friends, and have a blast with a new sport, try out for the Mizzou’s nationally ranked club Racquetball team. This will give you a new chance to explore your horizons and pick up a brand-new custom-designed racquetball team t-shirt to boot.


College is all about getting involved, discovering yourself, and overcoming your fears in order for your best self to shine through. So try something new this year, whether it be an intramural sport, a tough science class, theater, music, tutoring kids, or something music-oriented like our lady A-Capella friends at SLU, Beyond All Reason. What’s stopping you? Fear? Self-consciousness? Failure? Toss all that aside, and let your preconceived ideas about who you are and what you’re good at fall away.