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A Soccer Summer

Although it’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close and camps are winding down, it’s easy to see how much they help improve your skills and get you ready for the high school season. Organizations like St. Louis Soccer Camps let you learn from the best, like director Lindsey Rector Bryant. A former Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at UMSL and NCAA Top 25 player during her days at Iowa State University, Bryant clearly has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with budding players. Take your skills to the next level with St.

Concert Orchestra

The term “band geek” is losing traction–hooray! Right? Has the day come where being in band means you no longer need to worry about being attacked, verbally assaulted, or stuffed in a locker by some useless jock? I don’t know- you all tell me. It couldn’t hurt to gather your friends from the Concert Orchestra and band together with a snazzy shirt like this one. Don’t worry, that meat head who used lumber up and down the halls pouncing on small, unsuspecting freshmen will get what’s coming to him.

Class of 2013

Dear current high school seniors, Class of 2013:

Parkway Central Thespian Troupe

High school can be a daunting, unforgiving place at times–which is why it’s important to stick with friends as awesome as you, and who share similar interests. There’s so much to do, and so many places to channel your energy- and now is the time to experiment and test out what those interests are, like our friends in the International Thespian Society. Theater and arts programs are a cornerstone of high school extracurricular communities, and provide students with important developmental skills necessary for growth and self-esteem building.


For a fun night out with the girls that could entail some crazy that the bride-to-be may or may not remember, designing some fun shirts is a great way to memorialize her time with those special girlfriends before she takes the leap of faith. To give her last night as a non-contractually bound woman an extra kick, take after the shirt like the one below and add a fun graphic, photo, or piece of clip art to make your design truly unique amidst the gazillions of bachelorette tees out there for the taking.

Reigning Beer Pong Champs

It’s that time again. Fraternities, sororities, co-ops, and colleges come alive with the sweet smell of stale beer, pizza boxes, and fervently Febreezed dorm rooms. Oh, nostalgia. So while you’re ordering shirts for rush, intramural sports teams, and community events, why not tack on a fun shirt in the process? It’s good to treat yourself now and then, especially you crazy WashU kids. According to Newsweek, WashU has been ranked the most stressful campus in the nation. Wow!

Design Your Own Exercise Gear

You know the feeling. Sometimes those days of nonexistent motivation creep up like an unwelcome zit, poking just above the surface and ready to strike. Potato chips in the pantry are mocking you, saying, “Eat me!” while reruns of Mob Wives are yelling “Watch me!” and that couch looks so darn comfy. So, like most of us, you cave to the impulse and sit in your boxers on Sunday morning, succumbing to the lazy.

Custom Tee Ideas: Sports

At WhoopTee, we know there are many elements that go into the process of choosing a t-shirt design company to put together your custom design, and bring your ideas to life. The WhoopTee online shop has several categories of fonts, colors, styles, and sizes to choose from to ensure you get a highly unique, individual result. Once you decide on colors and text, you can then add personalized graphics to jazz up your tee and make it a creative, artistic reflection of your school sport and what it means to you.

MICDS Track Team, Check This Out!

Here's a shout out to the talented track team at MICDS, and that beautiful campus of yours in the heart of Ladue, MO: armed with MVP's like upcoming senior Amor Bartelsmeyer and some fresh swag like the shirt pictured below, MICDS is sitting pretty with a great team and plenty of victories to look forward to. Good luck guys!

Pattonville High School, Women's Soccer Team

Calling the ladies of Pattonville High School’s awesome women’s soccer team: Ready to kick butt and make it to the State Quarterfinals again this year? Go for the win and design a shirt like the one below!