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Girls Getaway

One weekend a year, you and your girlfriends get out of town and have a great time. You leave any children, spouses, boyfriends and pets behind. The weekend is filled with stories, laughter and pampering. Surprise your girlfriends this year with custom t-shirts for everyone.


Girls weekend shirt

Designs for all your family activities

This custom t-shirt celebrates the activities and accomplishments of a proud mom’s son and daughter. Looking at it, ballet and basketball require some similar movements.


The mom wearing this shirt is prepared to move from one activity to the next without having to change clothes or attend one child’s event wearing a shirt that supports the other child. Busy moms need custom t-shirts to keep up with the hectic schedules of their children.

Watch is not a Watch

When is a watch not a watch?  When its a chronograph (fancy!)

Seating for Your Summer

I remember these chairs.  

23 Year Road Trip

Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 by setting out on what was going to be an 18-month road trip across Africa

A Documentary Devoted Entirely To Tees? Yes, Please!


Dear Male Species...Love Jenna

Some Serious Noms



Vacuum Yo'Self

You’ve always wanted to create the illusion that you’re being inhaled by a household appliance too? Yahtzee! Join the club, we can both check that off our bucket lists.