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MICDS Track Team, Check This Out!

Here's a shout out to the talented track team at MICDS, and that beautiful campus of yours in the heart of Ladue, MO: armed with MVP's like upcoming senior Amor Bartelsmeyer and some fresh swag like the shirt pictured below, MICDS is sitting pretty with a great team and plenty of victories to look forward to. Good luck guys!

Keeping up with the Band

I am terrible at staying in touch with old friends.  I'm a "live in the moment" kind of person, which is the excuse I tell myself everytime I feel bad about not calling or emailing friends from high school or college (friends: I do feel bad!  I promise.  And I am going to call you.  Real soon.  Follow me on Facebook!).

Chess King

Attention Webster Groves High School Chess Club: looking for an awesome shirt to show off your chess prowess? Check out this custom-designed tee that shows off your powerful jedi-mind tricks of the trade that come in handy when you're showing off those mad chess skillz. 



Rogers Middle School, are you ready?

Rogers Middle School, school starts August 15th!  Are you ready?

New Year, New You

A brand new school year is coming up, and you know what that means: new clothes, new text books, new friends, and a fresh new crop of teachers to torment. But it also means you hit the restart button and get a fresh, brand-new slate. So, what kind of club, activity, sport, or organization are you going to try this year? Maybe Yearbook, Photography Club, Social Justice or the Tennis team? Be the first of your friends to head over to WhoopTee, and you’ll be the group favorite in no time with the awesome discounts and designs you’re able to show them.

Pattonville High School, Women's Soccer Team

Calling the ladies of Pattonville High School’s awesome women’s soccer team: Ready to kick butt and make it to the State Quarterfinals again this year? Go for the win and design a shirt like the one below! 

Affton, Class of 2013!!!

Affton High School Class of 2013!!!  This is your year, are you ready?  We want to help you get ready with this custom shirt idea, design especially for you by your friends at WhoopTee:

Hey parents of the class of 2013: you are doing a great job, keep it up!!!

Affton High School, class of 2014

What's up Affton High School class of 2014!!

Soldan International. Period.

Soldan International Studies High School!

Going Back to School

Attention all students. Are you in high school or college? 

WhoopTee knows that you are heading back to school, and that means getting back into yearbook groups, math study groups, softball, football, baseball, tennis, drama teams, choir competitions, fraternities, soroities, and the like. 

You will need t-shirts for all of your competions, activities, and groups.