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Hipster Lincoln Tee

You get to poke fun at hipsters spending twice as much as you on local meats, bust out a bit of the Gettysburg address, and chill with your homeboy Lincoln in a pair of black-rimmed hipster glasses that are probably clear plastic anyway.

Like A Boss

You can’t wear this and not be a boss, no matter how un-bosslike you really are. Even if you make that absolutely ridiculous face she’s making…doesn’t matter, she’s rocking it like a boss.

BP Oil Spill Fail Tee

Exercise your voice with this awesome graphic tee critiquing the string of colossal errors behind the 4.9 million barrels of crude oil that were released into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, causing “the largest environmental disaster in US history” according to the US Department of Justice.

Designer Shirt DIY

Designer shirts are in this season, and one of the best examples is the Converse Black Canvas collection.  One of my favorites is the Pirate Satellite Graphic V-Neck T-shirt.  I recently wrote about Gunther's 23 year long road trip, and wanted to take the Pirate Satellite shirt as inspiration for an homage to Gunther.


Two important things come out in summertime: t-shirts and the sun.  I am thankful for both, believe me, but the main drawback of the sun is that it produces near-blinding glare on shiny surfaces like my pale upper arms or my wristwatch.  Diesel has solved the latter of these problems with their new line of watches finished in gorgeous and glare-free matte.  My favorite is the

Dress Up Easy

A tee is a quintessential casual piece, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to informal environments.  Pair your tee with slim jeans, leather belt and shoes, and a worn-in sportcoat for a perfect ensemble for an evening out.  Make sure your tee’s graphic is present but subtle.  And make sure it’s an original designed by you at Whooptee.

Words of encouragement

When faced with difficult circumstances, it is hard to see the positive or to help someone else see the positive in life. Create a t-shirt that shows them that you care with words of encouragement. This shirt provides the encouragement with a fun twist, which eliminates the possibility that the person will find it overly sappy and sweet.


play on words shirt

It’s good to be king

Sometimes t-shirts are just silly. They are meant to have fun and put a play on words or pictures. This is one of those t-shirts: a king penguin wearing a kings crown, showing that it is good to be king. However, there are fun and silly designs that you can come up with for your own one-of-a-kind shirt.


King Penguin Shirt

My name is:

Jorie taught us all that wearing your face on your t-shirt is not considered to be a good fashion trend. Is it good if you wear your name on your shirt? We’ve all read stories about people who always wear nametags. Their reasons vary, perhaps one reason is that it is believed to make the world a friendlier place.


I am taking that one step further to suggest that rather than wearing a nametag, just wear a shirt with your name on it. In my case, I am wearing a shirt with the pictorial representation of my name. What do you think? Is this a fashion hit or miss?


Class of 2013 t-shirts

You are about to embark on your final year of high school. This will be your last year together as a class, but the memories of your time together will last a lifetime. With all of the emotions and decisions that go along with being a senior, help your class create the best class t-shirt ever.