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Shirt by You, Shoes by Kanye

There’s no better shirt than the one designed by you, and there may be no better compliment to that shirt than this shoe designed by Kanye.

To Wear, or Not to Wear: The Graphic Tee

So lately I've found that while pontificating about some bit of ridiculousness, mid-post I uncover some issue I've been meaning to get around to, and today is no exception.

Graphic Problem

Graphic t-shirts are designed to make a statement.  The person who wears one is saying to the world “This graphic is me!”  The problem with mass produced graphic tshirts is that someone else is crafting the message; someone else gets to say who you are.  That is, unless you design the shirt yourself.  So tell the world who you are, but tell them in your own words.  Design your own tshirt!

Peace Now? Graphic Tee

Well done, Ms Hudgens. Take note, tee-lovers: gorgeous color, beautiful cut and fit. Yay! And I have to say, while perusing through the bazillions of street style blogs I frequent every day in order to bring you all the best in fashionable tees, I've seen quite a few of you run into trouble with off-the-shoulder tees that aren't fitted correctly, come in some awful variation of vomitous green or disgusting yellow, or sport some totally useless graphic.

Bizarre Blinds Tee

Ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a t-shirt that raises and lowers like blinds. Like, blinds...but a t-shirt. Eureka, that’s it!”
What now, friends?


Being around the advanced technology that is WhoopTee provides countless opportunities to imagine the future. 

Soaring Bird

There is no one quite like Andrew Bird.  His soaring, complex-but-not-cluttered music never fails to take you on a journey, sometimes dreamy-light, sometimes deathly-heavy, always daring.  You can read all his details on the fancy Internet, so I won’t rehearse them here (they are interesting; you’ll want to check them out).  I will say our favorites include “Anonanimal” (you try saying “See a sea anemone, the enemy, see a sea anemone”), “Sovay”; for an incredible fill-the-room-with-beauty experience, put on “Hole in the Ocean Floor”, lean back in your chair, close your eyes and just listen

WhoopTee PSA #1: Your Jeans are Killing You!

According to Men's Health magazine, your beloved skinny jeans can cause damage to the nerves in your upper thigh, symptoms of which are “numbness and tingling, increased sensitivity, and a prickly feeling.

Old School Gameboy Tee


WhoopTee Designer Tool + Ryan Gosling = Amazingness

Happy Friday, friends! Like everyone, I get wary of the many marketing materials shoved down my throat on a regular basis, especially when the products and services promoted are totally sub-par.