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Like a T-shirt Bakery

Our process starts when you design a shirt on WhoopTee.com.  We start with high quality ingredients: great shirts, great ink, great presses, great people.  We construct screens using a light sensitive emulsifier that then gets cooked on what is sort of a tanning bed on ‘roids.  We then build your design with layer upon layer of vibrant-colored ink perfectly placed to create your art.  Then we basically bake the shirt in an approximately 320 degree oven to dry the ink so your design is set for life. 

Making Things is for Everyone

Inventors are an elite class of people, always looking down their noses at us little people who just “use” things rather than “make” them.  Well, that time is over with the introduction of MaKey MaKey.  Created by some smarties at MIT, the MaKey MaKey board allows you to make almost anything into a functioning keyboard key, just by hooking up some alligator clips.  This is the democratization of invention, just like WhoopTee is the democratization of tshirt design.  So go

Daniel Johnston, Universal Inspiration

Ask a musician to make a list of her influences and inspirations, and there is little doubt that Daniel Johnston will make the cut.  His life has been described as “existential torment”, as he suffers from manic depression and schizophrenia.  But somehow he manages to create some of the most honest music telling some of the most compelling stories you’ve ever heard.  Johnston’s unlikely success is now being further commemorated in this tshirt collection featuring three of his endearing drawings.  One of

The evolution of pop culture and social media

For more than a decade we have watched the evolution of pop culture along with social media. However, most of us do not have documentation to remember exactly what the social media sites looked like and what functionality existed on them in previous years. This t-shirt provided documentation to members of the organization and an opportunity to reminisce about its early years on social media. This t-shirt shares the fun of pop culture by designing a mock account of a popular social media site on the t-shirt. How can you capture pop culture on a t-shirt today?


Play to win

Summer is the time to go outside and play. There are many poems and songs written about the carefree days of summer. However, life is full of dangerous and stressful situations that remind us that even in summer, life is not always so carefree.

This t-shirt* reminds us not to get caught up in the stress and disappointments that challenges us in our every day lives. We should make the purpose of each day to play life to win or make the most of our lives. What message of encouragement could you share through a t-shirt?

Fixing a car

It is inevitable; every car will break in some way at some point. Regardless if it runs out of gas, the motor is too old or the brakes need to be replaced, every car needs to be fixed. The question is, what t-shirt should a person wear to fix a car?

We’ve all seen pictures of men wearing the standard plain white t-shirt with grease stains on it. Some people wear a grey shirt so that the grease stains don’t show up as much. If you or someone you know likes to repair cars, is the plain shirt the best choice or would a custom tee be a more appropriate choice?

Summer Camp Fashion

Summer camps have long been known for kids and teenagers to meet new friends, learn and develop social skills. The question is usually what to wear to camp. Of course this depends on the camp, but most camps are good places to wear t-shirts. Stand out and show off accomplishments by wearing t-shirts from school and community events in which you have participated. This is a great conversation piece as well as a comfortable option for any activity. While you are at camp, ask others about their t-shirts for a chance to meet new friends.

Fashion For a Cause

At WhoopTee, we understand the little-acknowledged power of the t-shirt and its ability to express your thoughts, desires, and opinions. Luckily, we aren’t the only ones who get it.

90's Throwback: Oregon Trail


Slow Motion Beautiful

Slow motion makes everything beautiful.  We don’t know why, but it does, indisputably (we can think of a few exceptions: dialogue, surgery, rocks...but they only serve to prove the rule).  Check these guys out, their skill, their boards, and their tshirts...and get inspired.