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Sold! Custom Auction T-Shirts to the Lady in the Hat

There’s something very Americana about a classic auction. Hungry buyers gather in an area and the highest dollar gets the prize. It’s capitalism in a microcosm; competition and an open market. What’s the price? How much are items worth? What someone is willing to pay. The price is totally dependent on competition.

Have Some Fun with Custom T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirts Are One of the Only Ways Fans Can Financially Support Podcasts

Wow, how lucky are we to live in a time of true audio paradise? In the past if you wanted to listen to talk, you could only listen to the radio. Even then you had limited choices: raunchy morning shows, news, politics, sports, and religion. That’s about it…

Compliment Your Wardrobe with Compliment T-Shirts

Today is Compliment Day, and wow is this not only the day we need, but the day we deserve. In this day and age, the ugliness of humanity has been amplified. Social media and instant communication has given rise to a mean-spirited, hyper-aggressive style of communication. Seriously.

Where is the Next Ben Franklin?

Today is Ben Franklin Day, and it’s a good time to celebrate one of the most important figures in US history. Franklin was the ideal Renaissance man: he was a scientist, a philosopher, an inventor, and an important political thinker who contributed to not just the US, but to western-style democratic republics.

Teachers: Recess Seems Doubtful This Week

WhoopTee is headquartered in the St. Louis metro area, and here we experience the ups and downs of weather on a regular basis. For much of the country right now, heavy snow is a fact of life. This week, we have been pounded by snow, and it’s been extremely cold to boot. This will make the morning commute more dangerous for workers, maybe even impossible for some.

T-Shirts for Whom? Word Nerds!

New Year’s Resolution Custom Shirts – Make the Change!

New Year? No problem! Bring it on 2019!

Didn’t Get What You Want for Christmas?

Christmas is over 2018. We at WhoopTee hope you had a nice day with your family, sharing revelry and love. Of course, Christmas means presents. Presents are supposed to be an intimate moment of giving between people who care about each other. Sadly…some people suck at giving gifts.