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Beat the Heat - Stay Inside and Design a Custom Shirt

It’s really, really hot outside. We at WhoopTee are melting in the St. Louis area right now, with sweltering temps in the upper 90’s. If you’re in the sun, it’s even worse. Things aren’t looking much cooler for next week, with sweltering heat again on the horizon. If you love the heat, great.

Toys “R” Us and the Power of A Brand

Today is a sad day for children, former children, and children at heart. Toys R Us is dead. With the final breaths of this once-great empire, former customers are paying their respects to Geoffrey the Giraffe and all the happy memories of the toy giant.

Embrace the Staycation! Who Says You Have to Go to Have Fun?


WhoopTee Roundup: Take Your Dog to Work Day

Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we dive into the aether and bring you the hot topics in the world. It’s Friday, and the Twitterverse is brimming with #FridayFeelings and plenty of talk of soccer and hockey. There’s one trend you can’t afford to miss though…

Custom T-Shirts: For Art or As Art

Art is a beautiful thing. We don’t mean that in a strictly aesthetic sense, but rather that art, as an expression, is such an amazing thing. Art comes in many forms. Music, theater, performance, and the written word are all forms of art. Art can be found in every nook and cranny of existence as long as human beings have inspiration.

What is a Team without a Mascot?

Today is #NationalMascotDay, and all over the Twitterverse teams are recognizing their mascots, the unsung heroes. Fans are also expressing their love for their all time favorite mascots. Especially as a kid, a mascot is a big part of fandom. How many young Cardinals fans have warm, fuzzy memories of Fredbird that carry with them into adulthood?

Burbon, Scotch, Rye, Oh My!

Which team are you on? Today is National Whisky Day, and everyone has a favorite genre of fire water. Be it in a room full of leather bound books wearing a fancy robe, or in a dusty saloon with swinging doors, a stiff glass of whisky wets the whistle. Try saying that five times fast…

WhoopTee Roundup: Best Friends, Capitols

Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, were we run down the hot topics floating around in the ether and condense them down for your reading pleasure. TGI Friday, and you’re ready to get out of the office and enjoy your weekend. Without further ado, let’s round it up! 

#ThrowbackThursday - Tale of the Tape

Yesterday, a very interesting hashtag was floating around Twitter. #AgeYourselfIn3Words was trending quite a bit on Wednesday and the concept is simple; a three word phrase that shows your age. This could be anything from a fad/trend to a piece of antiquated technology that was a big part of your life.

The First Tee of the Rest of Their Life

As we say goodby to May, we say goodby to more than jus the 5th month of 2018. If feels really weird that we’re this far into the year already, but here we are. Heat is finally here. The pools are open, and the BBQs are smelling up most neighborhoods.