In a perfect world, no one would have a budget.  We’d carelessly spend, like a Kardashian, on anything we wanted.  Coffee for $8.00? Got it.  New SUV for $65,000?  Got it.  New sneakers for $300?  No problem.  But that’s not reality - Reality television, maybe - but not reality.  So when you’re shopping for custom apparel on, remember that we keep in the customer’s budget in mind. That’s why we have a completely separate category for the budget-conscious shopper.  Take a look at how you can get high quality on a low budget.


  1. Budget-friendly T-shirts:   Choose from any of these short-sleeve cotton shirts to last throughout the years and don’t break the bank .  Each items comes in over 10 colors, in a crew neck style and sizes ranges from Youth XS to Adult 6XL; all qualities that are certain crowd pleasers for group shirts.

  1. Understanding Pricing: Our pricing is determined by four basic components: (1) Type - products ordered. (2) Quantity - the number of shirts ordered with the same design.      (3) Color - Using our Designer Tool is the easiest way to play around with all your options to keep the focus on a great design. (4) Locations - the amount and locations of printing on the garment.  Once you’ve completed your shirt, simply click the Get Quote button and enter in your quantities.  Once you’ve hit your price, send your design in an email to get feedback from all your other friends who are t-shirt designers! 

  2. Cut Costs and Add Discounts:  In addition to our selection, Whooptee has tons of great ways for you to save. From our monthly Photo Contest, to our 20% loyalty discount, we find ways to save you money.  When it comes to design, consider these factors:

  • Print on white shirts: White t-shirts are the most popular for orders, so supply and demand dictates that stocking them is less expensive for the customer. Additionally, most cotton garments start out essentially white, so dying them any other color makes them more expensive.

  • Use fewer design colors: The screen printing process requires us to make a separate screen for each color in your design. The less screens we have to make, the less expensive it is to print your apparel.

  • Increase order size: The more shirts of the same design that you order, the less expensive it is for WhoopTee to produce them. Dividing this cost among many shirts rather than just one or a few means savings per unit for you.

  • Decrease printing locations: Simply put, the fewer screens, the less expensive the apparel. Each printing location on a garment requires separate screen set up, so printing just on the front of a shirt versus printing on the front and back will reduce your overall cost.  


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