So you’re doing mental gymnastics over your custom tee order; it can be scary figuring out what to get. Worrying about cost can be even scarier. You don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole with a t-shirt printer without a ballpark estimate. With many custom t-shirt printers window shopping can be a nightmare. Never fear, WhoopTee is here to take the unknown element out of your ordering process when you buy t-shirts online and save you a headache or two. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your free quote:


1. Choose a Category


WhoopTee has many apparel categories to choose from, so pick the one that’s right for your project. Select either T-Shirt, Women/Girls, Sweats/Hoodies, Youth, Athletics, Collared Shirts, Pants/Shorts, No Minimum, or Pet Apparel. Once you have your category selected, you can move on to choosing a color.


2. Choose a Color


From Blue Dusk to Prairie Dust, from Jade Dome to Vegas Orange, WhoopTee has a wide and vibrant swatch of colors from which to choose. Light, dark, bright, muted…if you can imagine it, chances are we have it.


3. Design Your Shirt


Once you’ve selected your product and color, click on “Start Designing Now” to use our design tool to design your shirt online. Changed your mind about the category you selected? Just click on “Change Product” and start over.


4. Quantity


Quantity can be the trickiest part of ordering t-shirts. Depending on the color you select, you have a wide set of size options, from youth extra small (YXS) all the way up to 5 extra large (5XL). Once you’ve decided how many you need of each size, enter the quantities into the corresponding boxes.


5. Color Ink Options


If you are using your own design, you may want it in full color. If so, select “Full Color”. If not, select the number of inks you want on the front and/or back of your shirt. A friendly tip: the more ink you use, the more your shirts will cost.


6. Custom Names and Numbers


If you want custom names and/or numbers on the back of your shirt, click the check box next to “Add custom names and numbers,” and another option bar will pop up. Select the number of names and/or numbers you need.


7. Enter Coupon Code


If you have a WhoopTee coupon code, enter it in the box provided.


8. Click “Get Quote!”


All  you have to do is click “Get Quote!” and relax! WhoopTee will give you the quote you need and take away some of the uncertainty from your project.


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