Plain white tees are more than a band that was popular some years ago. In many ways, the white tee is the forgotten child of the custom t-shirt world. It’s easy to see why; when you use WhoopTee’s design tool, you’ll see a rainbow of different t-shirt color options to choose from. When you have a pallet at your disposal, a white shirt can seem rather bland by comparison. 


When designing a custom t-shirt online, though, there is the simple reality of economics. Budget is king, and anything you can save in one area can be applied to another. Consider for a second the economical benefits of switching to the cheaper white t-shirt. Consider next, that you could switch to the less expensive shirt without sacrificing the quality of the design. 


You may have heard of the following t-shirts: I Heart New York, Frankie Says Relax, Vote For Pedro, the original Obey design. Each of those shirts was printed on a white t-shirt. None of those designs is hurting for attention, none of those shirts is collecting dust on store shelves, and none of those shirts lack staying power. 


If you have a great message, or a great design that you know can stand on its own with out the bells and whistles, a white t-shirt not only can save money, but may actually enhance the design itself. Sometimes the urge to go crazy with colors can result in a messy design that distracts from the overall aesthetic or message. A no nonsense backdrop for your design lets your work do the talking,


If you want to go even more cost effective, consider using black ink for your design. A simple high contrast black ink design on a white t-shirt creates a powerful dynamic that will stand out. The same can be said for using red, or blue, or any single ink; the less inks you use, the less your order will cost.

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