If we’ve learned anything from one of the most popular Christmas movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it’s that the holiday season requires a safety net.  It’s not that everyone doesn’t look forward to the string of holidays this time of year from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It’s that we pack every jolly moment we can into pageants, parties, caroling, baking and decorating until we can barely remember enjoying ourselves.  


So as Christmas draws near, and you realize there are still a couple things to check off your list, remember these tips to a better holiday experience.

Lists!  Ironically, you should begin with a list - just as we have.  Write down every person you intend to give a gift.  Take inventory of every part of your life so you don’t forget someone; maybe even double check it with the Contacts in your phone.  Be sure to include even those who you normally tip.

Hunt   I’m not suggesting you take a hiatus after your list to go deer or goose hunting, but instead, start looking for coupons.  Whooptee.com is always offering its customers a deal whether its 20% off on the next purchase or a photo contest for a $200 credit towars group shirts.  

Research  Google it, Bing it.  Explore it.  Always do your due diligence when choosing who you’ll do your business.  Take a look customer reviews on Facebook.  If it’s custom shirts you want, you’ll see that our Whooptee Guarantee checks out - unique designs on quality items..  

Footwork   Don’t pay more for extras when you don’t have to.  Take the Do-It-Yourself approach to gift giving this year and design some custom apparel online!  Take advantage of all the special perks we have to offer.  Whoooptee offers free two week shipping on all orders - big and small.  We never charge extra for our extraordinary service.  


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