Pay attention all you marketing students, because you’re about to get schooled.  Do you know what a euphemism is?  No?  Let’s take it down a notch . . . what about a synonym?  Yes . . . a word that’s an equivalent for another word - got it!  So a euphemism is a nice way of saying something.  The reason I stress the understanding is because we at want you to understand the true meaning of a budget-friendly, custom t-shirt.


Budgets and style have something in common - they’re subjective . . . relatively speaking.  What some t-shirt companies might think is inexpensive, the Whoop Team has found to be outright pricy! is one of the few places, anyone can go and design just one custom shirt - no minimum required.


Here’s the budget-friendly breakdown: The cost of the average custom shirt is $22, but that’s when you factor in the the “bulk discount” for group t-shirts.  Don’t get us wrong, bulk rates for group shirts are great, but the rule doesn’t apply to truly, individual, one-of-a-kind t-shirts.  So, that would add on a specialty order cost of around $5 to $10. Then there’s the shipping costs - which can also vary depending from which coast you're shirt is departing.  So that puts us at around $38.00.  I could get dinner and a movie or a decent pair of shoes for that amount of money!


Let’s put the truth back in advertising, and avoid these common pitfalls:


Watch out for the bait and switch:  Some ads will try to lure onto their website with promises of limited edition items, low prices and clearance sales.  But once you get there, they’re replaced with more expensive or inferior quality items.  Our website it easy to navigate, so you always know exactly what you’re looking for!


Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims. For example, always read the fine print of exceptions provided before agreeing to purchase merchandise - especially for sales.  Whooptee offers customers low prices, free shipping and no minimums as part of its everyday business practices.


Make sure you get what you pay for.  It’s easy for consumers to be misguided by knock off brands or companies that claim to be organic and consumer friendly.  Do your research.  On we provide complete descriptions and links to our reputable vendors in a clear, searchable manner.   


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