Planning a Pep Rally but don’t know where to start?  If you look the part, you’ll act the part - well that’s what we say here at Whooptee.  There’s a custom shirt for every season, and every reason.  Check out these great ideas to make your pep rally one-of-a kind:  



Make signs that say “We’re going to cream the other team” and “Cream the (Rival Mascot).” Have a “whip cream pie” eating contest. Fill pie pans with whip cream, and have a class competition to see who finishes their whip cream pie first. Make cans or jugs with the faculty members’ names on them and have students deposit money in the cans all week. The teacher, coach, or principal with the most money gets a pie in the face at the pep rally! And giveaway custom t-shirts for all the participants!



Have a “root beer chugging” contest. Get one member from each class to “chug” a 2 liter bottle of root beer. The first one to finish wins.Design a shirt with “Who Ya Rootin’ For?” to get the crowd to yell. Make signs that say “We’re rootin’ for you!”


(Your Mascot) ARE ON FIRE

Have a clothes relay race using borrowed fireman equipment such as hats, boots, and jackets. In teams of three, have students race to a point, dress up, race back, undress, and hand off to another team member, then repeat. Throw Atomic Fireballs candy into the stands to get their mouths on fire. Get a t-shirt maker to design hoodies that say “(Your Mascot) are on fire” and “Get Fired Up.” Chant, “We’re Fired Up and Ready.” If possible, the team could arrive on fire trucks. You can also play “Red Hots.” Smear shaving cream all over a person’s face and have them lay on the ground. Have another team member on a chair above them and drop Red Hots on their faces. The team that has the most in one minute wins.



Bring your mascot into the gym or football field on a Harley Davidson. Have a relay race on tricycles. Play the theme song from Rocky and “Heading down the Highway.” Dress your mascot in a custom jersey to make the mood just right!

No matter the reason, no matter the season, get the crowd fired up with custom apparel from!

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