February 1st, 2015 - Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots - playing in the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona.   Where will you be watching the game?  At a party with friends, beer and bags of chips?  At your favorite bar, in your favorite bar stool with a perfectly poised view of the screen?  Outside at a mock-tailgate with coolers, grills and games?  


More importantly what will you be wearing for this fateful, “game-of-all-football-games-that are holy?” Well, you have options; it’s not exactly like Bill Belichick will be approving of your outfit beforehand.  However, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing a Superbowl outfit.


Concern:  Ask yourself this question, and be honest: Do I really care about either of these teams?  If the answer is yes, then you must already have a shirt or hoodie ready to go. But if you don’t, make a quick design using Whooptee.com’s Designer Tool and rush your order!


Color Coordination: Do you look better in Seattle green or New England red and blue? Don’t go looking through your St. Patrick’s Day or Fourth of July gear just yet.  Check out this Canvas Long Sleeve Raglan Hawthorne Baseball T-Shirt in blue and white; or a Comfort Colors Ringspun Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt in hemp


Character:  Season after season we hear coaches talk about character-building workouts, team unity and even the purity of the game. That is unless you’re Bill Belichick.  He’s the only guy in the NFL that can make Pete Carroll look like Sunday school teacher - or an Any Given Sunday school teacher. So, if you care enough to hate the very best, then why not create a custom shirt that declares Deflate Gate 2015 or Bill Belichick The Science Guy.


Conditions:  Let’s get back to the venue - sunny Glendale, snowy Boston or anywhere in between?  Design cheap t-shirts or tank tops if you’re lucky enough to sweat out a close game under the sun.  But if you want to watch the game in true football style, then get yourself a

J. America Tailgate Hooded Sweatshirt - complete with built-in cooler cup and bottle opener.


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