Love that “new dog smell” that fills the air after your pet is properly primped and pampered at the salon? They look so cute all clean with their nails cut, fur trimmed and shampooed and of course, there’s the bandana. Your dog is ready to meet new friends at Doggie Day Camp.
You park and proudly get Rex out of the back of the car. Rex, a medium sized mutt with a heart of Kibble, is intimidating in name alone. He’s never met a dog, person, squirrel or snack he doesn’t like. You walk in and hand him to a staff member, as known as “the doggy sitter,” and kiss him goodbye. “Be good while I’m at work” knowing your perfect pet is about to win over everyone at camp.
Except the Big Dog, or “personality-challenged” as the workers have labeled him. He pounces and in seconds has Rex hanging from his adorable bandana like a piñata at a Cinco de Mayo party. Now airborne and choking, Rex yelps. You rip off the bandana and remove him from the clutches of near death. Or more appropriately – major discomfort. Rex shakes and hides in your armpit, just a furry mass of his former self. How could this happen? Now late for work, you’ll spend the rest of the day Googling phrases like Dog Psychiatrist and Bullying Bulldogs.
Instead got to and give your dog a makeover. Dress Rex in a Doggie Skins Tank Top or Doggie Skins Hooded Tee. He’ll ooze confidence, not drool, in black, red or camo. Doggy Day Camp will never get the best of Rex the Avenger (envision on custom t shirt.)

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