Making a tee for birthdays is one of those uses that readily pops to mind when making a custom t-shirt online, especially somewhere with no minimum like WhoopTee. It’s right up there with bachelorette parties. Most people start and stop with the basics. “________’s Birthday”, or “It’s My Birthday!” Simple, fine…but not especially imaginative. If you’re looking to add some flair to your birthday with a sarcastic edge, here are a few ideas for a birthday tee with a kick. 


Remind the World How Lucky it is to Have You


When you were born, the world got a precious gift. Now it’s time to rub that gift in everyone’s face. Go ahead; you’ve managed to stay alive for the last year and the world is richer for it. Try something like, “On This Day in 1988, I Was Born” on the front and “You’re Welcome” on the back. Our designer tool gives you the ability to design both the front and back of your birthday tee. 


Cross Over to the Dark Side


Dark humor isn’t for everyone, but well-timed dark comedy has its place and can get you a chuckle. You can poke fun at your advancing age, look mortality square in the eye, and smack it in the face with a tee that says something like “Be Nice to Me, It’s My Birthday (I Have One Less Year to Live).” It’s the sort of slogan that someone reading the shirt would chuckle for a second, think about it a little harder, and then hopefully chuckle again. Or not. Dark humor isn’t for everyone, so season to taste. 


A Snarky Shirt As A Gift


Maybe it isn’t your birthday. Chances are you’re just as likely (if not more likely) to be buying a birthday t-shirt for someone else than you are to buy one for yourself. If that’s the case, why not have some good-natured fun with that special someone in your life, especially since you can buy just one from our no minimum options. Try a slogan like, “It’s My Birthday and All I Have to Show For it is An Affordable Custom T-Shirt From WhoopTee.” Okay, so that’s an eyeful. It may not fit on the front of your custom tee. Only a little playing around in our designer tool will tell. Go ahead, give it a shot…well…we’re waiting.

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