There are few hobbies as involved and as long-running as model trains. This hobby dates back to the 1800’s and has a dedicated, passionate group of devotees. Some model train worlds as breathtaking works of art, but all are works of passion and devotion. It’s hard to appreciate the level of love and skill that goes into model trains, or any other form of model as they all require the same dedication, practice, and patience. 


We hate to bring this up, but man are models expensive! This is true for model trains, cars, military models, sci-fi, or any model genre. It’s not just the models themselves that take a large chunk of cash; the supplies are also disgustingly expensive from tools to adhesives and applicators, brushes, paints, magnifying glasses, est. It’s easy to plot down a fat wad of cash for just the basic supplies needed to make a model a reality, before paying for the even more expensive model. 


We do this, though, not for money but for passion. Modeling is more than a hobby. It’s an art form and a way of life. We have good new friends; you can add one more hobby that is inexpensive and needs no materials but an internet connection. You can design a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee’s designer tool. This doesn't take that years of practice and careful planning of a model railroad, though we do have these guides to help you along. All you need is an imagination.


The best part? Our affordable custom t-shirts ship for free in two weeks. Just check the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see when your shirts will arrive. You can create a t-shirt for fun, as a gift, or for a like-minded group of model train lovers.

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