You already have the Pokemon Go app, right? 90’s kids, this one is for you. Nothing against other generations, it’s just that when the term “Pokemon” is thrown around, non-90’s people typically respond “I don’t get it.” You had to be there…you really did. The massive popularity of Pokemon Go has been nothing short of awe inspiring. To see hordes of young people, many, many of whom are young adults that grew up on Pokemon, walking around the streets of town and in shopping centers with a phone in hand catching Pokemon is a site to behold. It’s hard to remember a phenomenon catching on this hard, this quick since Gangnam Style, or, well…Pokemon (the first time around).


Any kid of the 90’s knows you either loved Pokemon and collected the cards or pretended to like Pokemon and collected the cards because everyone they know did. It was EVERYWHERE. First it was the show, then it was the cards, then the plush toys. Kids across the country begged mom and dad to take them to Burger King to get ahold of the giveaway toys to keep from being the social outcast at school who would show up sans Pokemon. 


Now that you’ve had that blast from the past, good luck getting that flood of 90’s nostalgia out of your head. Can’t get to a Pokemon Gym? You can still get your nostalgia fix by creating a custom t-shirt online celebrating your childhood and all of the shows, games, toys, music, and sports you loved. You can get just a single t-shirt for yourself and take a private trip down memory lane, or order more and invite your friends. Either way, you’ll get a quality, affordable custom t-shirt and you’ll have it shipped free to you within 14 days. 


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