Now this is a guy who knows how to make a statement. Not verbally of course, but via hat.  Judah Friedlander, made famous on 30 Rock as Frank Rossitano, a writer always sporting a unique set of trucker hats, reminds us fashion is fun.  His statement pieces were meant to set the tone, convey mood and mostly, make us laugh.  But this gag wasn’t the brain-child of head writer Tina Fey, but a comic device Friedlander had been using for years as he paid his dues in the comedy club circuit.

When interviewed by Alexandra Martel from, Friendlander said his inspiration for the message bearing headgear came from all over. 

“I sort of have to self-censor sometimes. I started making a list of the hats that never made it. There are definitely ones I've never even suggested, like "Grave Raper," that would never make it on the show. But I think that’s a hat Frank would like to wear. I try to make it more subtle. Like "Long and Twisted," that could refer to a long and twisted story, someone’s anatomy … you know. It can be many things. Some of the hats are sort of like things that can be taken sexually or not. And then some are movies I’m going to make. Like Knight Chicks, which is about chicks who are lawyers by day, but they fight crime by night and beat up criminals.”

While you’re waiting for Knight Chicks to hit the silver screen, ask yourself these questions before you start designing your t-shirt:

  1. What do you believe, but are too afraid to say?
  2. If you were in a band, what would the name of your band be?
  3. Is there an inside joke between you and a select group of people that will alienate most people observing your t-shirt?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Who is your favorite Supreme Court Justice?
  6. Is there the possibility for an entire custom apparel ensemble that you could wear to a highly important event like a visit from the Pope or a New Kids on the Block Reunion tour?
  7. Would this make a good gift for my grandmother wear for Christma-Hannuak-Kwanzika?
  8. What is your credit score?

Answer these questions quickly and honestly, and you’re ready to design at


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