Bait your hook, cast your line, and wait…and wait…and wait. Still waiting? Good. Wait some more. For many people, this seems like an exercise in boredom. For fishing lovers, this is the moment of tranquility. It makes a noisy, complicated, chaotic life seem a bit simpler and all of the problems that are dragged along through life’s twists and turns seem a bit further away, floating out there somewhere on the water. The as the early morning sun rises higher, and grows warmer, the bursts of cool breeze feel like a blessing. The long periods of quite with nothing but the rustling of leaves, chirping of insects and ripples of the water are punctuated by the splash of a big one on the line. This is living. 


It’s also something you want to share with your kids, and your kids’ kids. That’s why we have youth fishing derbies. Tac the young generation the joy of reeling in that big catch, reeling in the little catch, or really, reeling in nothing at all. It’s all about the experience, and it’s all about who you experience it with. Teach them the value of sportsmanship and the thrill of competition, and give them a shot at winning their first trophy. 


With WhoopTee, you can design custom t-shirts online for each age group at your derby to wear to school and proudly show off their fishing chops. You can also create individual t-shirts for the winners, a first award in what will hopefully be a lifetime of success. T-Shirts make a great fundraiser, and selling them as part of an entry package is a great way to scape together some extra funding for your sporting organization or scout group. Or, maybe you just want the kids t have fun. After all, that’s what fishing is all about.

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