If it were as simple as the words “I do,” where would we be? The pageantry, celebration and ceremony of a wedding bring couples, families and friends closer throughout the year or so of planning.  Weddings are always cause for celebration – and champagne – even if the ice sculpture outlasts the marriage.  The crazy thing is no matter whom the bride and groom, they always act as though they are the first couple ever to tie the knot.  Before the ink is dry on the marriage license, couples should be required to wear “His and Hers” t-shirts emblazoned with their personal vows to each other across the back. There are lessons to be learned in humility (and pre-nuptial agreements); if ever such a law existed, what would the custom shirts of these famous couples say? 

Take a look at our Declaration Proclamation, presented by Whooptee.com :

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – Noted alcoholics, the two married each other - twice

The T Decree:  Will marry for movies and martinis

Victoria and David Beckham – Share the same last name, four kids, a fashion empire and remain the envy of millions

The T Decree:  Being a spice is not worth the price; football prevails all

Beyonce and Jay-Z - The Queen of Pop and the King of Hip Hop; they love each other nearly as much as the paparazzi

The T Decree: I won’t invite Rhianna if you never reunite with Destiny’s Child again.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell – Living in sin and eternally in engaged

The T Decree: I’ll never wear a bra if your promise to never shave

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen – Together they rival Greek Gods; apart they accumulate mobs

The T Decree: I promise to always shave my legs, have 6-pack abs and keep my hair perfect (same shirts in his and hers)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Famous for being famous, this couple proves ignorance is bliss

The T Decree:  I vow to never again let Twitter choose the names of our children

As you can see, if you can dream it, Whooptee.com can make it.  Cheers to all the happy couples getting married this fall!  To health, wealth and lasting love and a little Whooptee in between!

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