Many of us out there have called someone a brother, or a sister. We may have said “like a…”, or just straight up called them that. We may mean it. There are people in your life who are close like family. Again, “like”. We say like, because there is nothing that touches the bond of family. There is no greater bond in this world than siblings.


A sibling is someone who is more like us than anyone on the planet. Wait, scratch that, sometimes even people who share parents share little else. But we share DNA, right? Blood is thicker than water and what not. Wait, scratch that, there are plenty of adopted, step, and foster siblings as close as anyone on the planet with the powerful sibling bond. What does make a sibling. 


It’s simple, really: love. We don't have to share every trait, we don't even have to share parents to have a great sibling relationship: all we have to do is share love. That’s not to say sibling relationships are easy, far from it. Just about all siblings fight, with some harder and more often than others. The one thing that holds that bond together through thick and thin is love. 


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