As the maid of honor, your list of things to do has extended beyond your normal workload.  But you really can’t complain because: 1) It’s an honor 2) You’d do anything for your best friend 3) She’s the most laid back person you’ve ever met.  Unlike most maids-of-honor, you have a unique problem, what do you get for the girl who wants nothing? While this might be the exact reason you became such great friends, it’s now posing a problem. Hours online researching, numerous texts among the other bridesmaids and and you still have nothing.


Luckily for you, there’s  Now it’s time for a very direct meeting with the bride - an intervention of sorts.  Use our cheat sheet to take an inventory of the type of girl you’re dealing with, and we’ll create the perfect custom shirt for the bachelorette party.



1. Date Night Ritual: Dinner and dancing or movies with popcorn?  You already know the

answer to this one.  The bride and groom spent their second date (and all subsequent) on the couch with a specific Netflix list to demolish.  No reservations required.


2. Morning Routine: A hour for hair, makeup and clothes or ponytail. au natural and mix and

         match from the Gap?  You’ve always wondered how certain people manage

        to look presentable in only gloss and mascara . . . a trait you’ve secretly

        coveted for years!


3. Lunch or Brunch: Planned lunch appointments throughout the week or waking in time to grab   

                    a bite before noon?  Lunch isn’t just about eating, it’s about socializing.

        Clearly this bride will settle on a phone call in the take out line at Panera;

        “doing lunch” just isn’t her “thing.”


4. Agenda setter or trend setter:  Here’s an easy one.  You’re business minded BFF is alway on

the go.  Her iPhone is laden with apps and appointments that keep her focused and efficient.  Unless the latest Forbes covers the “Best Dressed CEOs” then she’s not interested.


5. Bridal Style: elaborate lace or cocktail attire?  The only thing she cared about were

comfortable shoes for dancing and catching the groom’s eye.  

Country-themed complete with a vintage barn reception, glass jar toasting

flutes and cowboy boots.


Ding! Ding! Ding!  You’ve befriended the rarest of all creatures, a “jeans and t-shirt” bride.  Casual wear is of the utmost importance.  This bride will be wearing her custom gift for a look time - not just looking to shove it out of the way when something better pops up!  Use our Designer Tool to browse shirts from custom tank tops to camouflage.  Add a snappy saying like “Bachelorette Party in Progress” and she’ll love you forever.  Just don’t tell the groom.


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