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Congratulations, you've just used a cheat code to unlock an easy solution to your custom t-shirt needs. You now have the ability to design a custom t-shirt online, get a free quote, save designs and come back to them, and order a single t-shirt! You don’t have to use a Gameshark (remember those?), you don’t have to button mash, and you don’t have to buy a strategy guide. All you have to do is open your browser and type whooptee.com. That’s it. 


Now you can make a t-shirt based on whatever you want. Want to rep gamer culture? Go right ahead. Make your favorite cheat code into a shirt. Celebrate some of the recent game trends that have made you happy on your Xbox One, or Play Station 4, or celebrate some classic video games from the days of SEGA and Atari, or the ever-timeless Nintendo. 


If you want another cheat code, submit a photo of your WhoopTee order and we’ll give you 20% off your next order. Orders from WhoopTee also ship for free in the 48 contiguous states in 14 days, though if you need it sooner we do offer a 7-day rush delivery option for an additional fee. Our affordable custom t-shirts are a perfect fit for any console junky and their wallet. 


Don’t let your gaming team go to another competition without matching shirts. You can even upload your team’s unique logo design to our designer tool and have it printed on your shirts. You can explore alternative t-shirt ideas, like hoodies and tank tops. If you’re on the fence about starting a gaming team, the prospect of having a team uniform should be one massive check mark in the “yes” column.

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