Fans of Tolkien, this is for you. You are some of the most loyal fans in all of entertainment and literature. For generations Lord of the Rings fan clubs have spread the good word about a certain piece of gold jewelry and the battle to destroy it. It’s time for your to add a PRECIOUS custom t-shirt to you collection to commemorate your love for Middle Earth and the heroes and villains that call it home. 


One t-shirt to rule them all. One t-shirt to find them. One t-shirt to bring them all and in the darkness screen print them. We have options to make just one shirt, THE one shirt. With no minimum, you can make yourself a one-off shirt that is the envy of your fan club, one that will inspire Gollum-like jealousy in your friends. 


On the flip side, you’ll save money on a bulk order. We have a large selection of custom t-shirt color options that you can choose from. You can outfit the entire official fan club and show those Harry Potter nerds who’s boss. Remember, the less colors you use, the less your final tab will be. The same can be said for using a white t-shirt, as we’ve discussed before


We know what you’re thinking, one does not simply imagine and t-shirt and have it in their hand two weeks later. Well, Boromir, we disagree. With our designer tool, you can easily pull the stunning t-shirt design you crave from your head and paint it over a 100% cotton t-shirt canvas. Within two weeks of submitting your design, you’ll be wearing a custom t-shirt you can be proud of. Then, you can get on a boat with Gandalf and ride off into the sunset.

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